March Must Reads

Topping our list of parenting reads: A company president apologizes to the mothers she worked with, Sesame Street does House of Cards, and a DIY water-based lamp.

Some stories we just can’t keep to ourselves. Here, our recommendations for great reading.

CAREER / Female Company President: “I’m Sorry to All the Mothers I Worked With”
As a 20-something climbing the career ladder, she committed a long list of minor infractions against working mothers, including disparaging women who couldn’t make it to happy hour or who left early. Now, as a mom herself, she’s making up for it. She founded PowerToFly to match women with technical positions they could do from home. (Fortune)

TECH / YouTube Has a New App Just for Kids
In response to seeing 200 percent growth in family entertainment over the past year, YouTube is releasing a sanitized app just for kids. Expect a kid-friendly interface, heavily edited selections of videos, community flagging of inappropriate content, and no comments. (CNN Money)

DESIGN / 10 Ikea Products Turned into Dollhouses
It’s why we love the place—cheap and easy solutions for making your space work. Here, 10 product hacks that might inspire you to transform any ordinary indoor space into your kid’s dream dollhouse. (Apartment Therapy)

ikea ivar

Courtesy of Ikea

HUMOR / A Baby’s Guide to Sleep Training Your parents
Parents are impossible between the hours of midnight and five am: slow to respond, grumpy when finally they do, and reluctant to let you play with your toys. This daily dose of humor comes courtesy of three surefire methods that expert babies use to sleep-train their parents. (Medium)

ESSAY / Opting out of Motherhood
Meghan Daum authors a personal essay that explores how she didn’t try to convince herself out of feeling like she didn’t want to have kids. No excuses, no justifications—just one writer’s take on how she lives her most satisfying life. (Harpers Bazaar)

WATCH / Sesame Street House of Bricks
Zero spoiler alerts. This is just an amazing version of The Three Little Pigs, executed à la House of Cards. (Sesame Street)

CULTURE / The Girl Who gets Gifts from Birds
This is a heartwarming study in cross-species communication and quid pro quo. See what happens when an 8-year-old Seattle girl feeds the neighborhood crows. (BBC)

STUDY / Women Love Men Who Love Kids
No groundbreaking wisdom here, just the science to back up what most of us already know: A new study published in the Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment finds that women want more than a provider who makes bank; they want a loving father, too. (Ozy)

PROJECT / DIY Moser Lamp
This experiment in creating free, natural light using easy-to-find materials relies on the principle of refraction. All you need to create 60 watts of clean lighting is a clear, 2-liter water bottle and a couple capfuls of bleach. And it’s perfect for electricity-free kiddie clubhouses. (The Kids Should See This)

Courtesy of The Kids Should See This

Courtesy of The Kids Should See This

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