At Sproutling, we’re building products to help you be more effective as a parent, and every day, we encounter inspiring examples of people who make this parenting thing look damn good. So we created this magazine as a place to celebrate their successes and share their insights.

The Parentage mission is to feed your passions and inspire your interests. We’ll bring you elevated editorial aimed at the person behind the parent—covering the real families, culture, expert insights, design, and technology that are relevant to today’s ever-evolving community of parents. We’re not a source of advice, but we do hope to be one of aspiration. Our editors know that every parent’s path is unique, and we’d like to showcase honest and exciting examples of how others are navigating theirs. 

Like most families, Parentage is still a work-in-progress, and we’re planning to explore new coverage topics as we grow our publication week by week. We want to hear what you think, so drop us a line

  • Sarah Virginia White, Editor

    swhite_orangeSarah is a San Francisco-based journalist. She was previously the managing editor of California Home+Design magazine, and her work has appeared in Departures, San Francisco, 7×7, Chicago, Time Out Chicago and USA Today. She holds a BA in biological anthropology from Harvard and an MSJ in journalism from Northwestern.

  • Smeeta Mahanti, Photographer

    smeeta mahantiSmeeta is a Berkeley-based photographer and mom of three. She specializes in portraiture of children and families, and has been chasing perfect moments since she received a Kodak disc camera for her ninth birthday. She holds a BA in psychology from the University of Wisconsin, and a MA in education from the University of Texas.